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What To Expect When You First Come

The first thing you will notice when you come to Mesquite Worship center is we are meeting in a warehouse. Don’t be worried. The people of Mesquite Worship Center have turned this warehouse into a beautiful sanctuary. We are using this warehouse as a base of operations and eventually, as we grow out of space in this sanctuary, we will then work towards a more traditional church facility.

When you walk through the door when you first come to Mesquite Worship Center you will discover that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from, you are welcome here. There are people from all walks of life and we are a “come as you are” church and that you don’t need to dress up or wear any special clothing to attend and be a part of our church.

Since we are a brand new church we are still a small church which values people over programs, relationship with Jesus over performance, and a hunger to see the Holy Spirit poured out on this community. As the music starts you will notice that we use live modern worship music that is focused on singing to God and not just singing about God. We believe that worship is a form of prayer.

As we grow and have enough children to minister to, at the end of the music, your children will be dismissed for children’s church. Each worker will have been screened to make sure that your child is safe. They will learn the same type of lessons that you learned when you went to Sunday School or Vacation Bible school.

At Mesquite Worship Center, we believe our job is to train believers to do the works of Jesus in their community. In order to accomplish this, we emphasize 3 basic things. Worship (Experiencing the presence of God) Training (Relevant Bible teachings and classes) and Fellowship (Joining together with other believers to accomplish what God wants to be accomplished in our community.)

As we grow, these values will shape everything we do: From children’s ministry to ministry to seniors, everything will be designed to train everyone up in how they can have a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus that overflows into every aspect of life.

Feel free to come and listen, watch, and discover if Mesquite Worship Center is the new church home that God has called you to.

We will love you with no strings attached.