About Pastor Sue

About Pastor Sue 1


Sue is no stranger to living in and serving the Church having been a member since 1983 when her life dramatically changed because of Jesus. 

Serving twenty plus years in numerous ministries including Women’s ministries, Bible Study leader, Dance and Drama teams, Outreach Teams, Street Prayer and Evangelism Teams, Healing Prayer Ministry, Mission teams and Children’s Ministries.

Sue has participated in short-term global mission trips to Mexico, England, Scotland, and Russia.  In addition, Sue learned to apply biblical life principles while owning and operating a small business.

In 2005 her life turned toward education in Biblical Studies.  Sue is a 2008 graduate of Charis Bible College with a degree in Biblical Studies. She returned home knowing her gifting was a teacher of the Word of God. 

Widowed in 2008, she continued operating the business, sharing the word as a guest speaker in her church and discipling fellow believers in what she learned at Charis.

In 2012 she met Pastor Duke through the leadership of her current church.  She married Duke Taber July 2013, moved to California in 2014 to co-pastor a Vineyard Church in San Carlos CA.  While serving there she discovered God’s purpose for her life: being a pastor. 

It is a great honor to be called by God to serve His people in Mesquite.  I look forward to meeting you.

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